Activate a Center | Generate Collection Sheet | Save Collection Sheet | Close a Center | Associate Groups | Disassociate Groups

Activate a Center:

Centers can be created in a Pending state. This API exists to enable center activation. If the center happens to be already active, this API will result in an error.

Close a Center:

Centers can be closed if they don't have any non-closed groups or saving accounts. If the Center has any active groups or savings accounts, this API will result in an error.

Associate Groups:

This API allows associating existing groups to a center. The groups are listed from the office to which the center is associated. If group(s) is already associated with a center, this API will result in an error.

Disassociate Groups:

This API allows to disassociate groups from a center.

Generate Collection Sheet:

This Api retrieves repayment details of all jlg loans under a center as on a specified meeting date.

Save Collection Sheet:

This Api allows the loan officer to perform bulk repayments of JLG loans for a center on a given meeting date.

Showing Request/Response for Close a Center

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