Activate a Group | Associate Clients | Disassociate Clients | Transfer Clients across groups | Generate Collection Sheet | Save Collection Sheet | Unassign a Staff | Assign a Staff | Close a Group | Unassign a Role | Update a Role

Activate a Group:

Groups can be created in a Pending state. This API exists to enable group activation.

If the group happens to be already active this API will result in an error.

Mandatory Fields: activationDate

Associate Clients:

This API allows to associate existing clients to a group.

The clients are listed from the office to which the group is associated.

If client(s) is already associated with group then API will result in an error.

Mandatory Fields: clientMembers

Disassociate Clients:

This API allows to disassociate clients from a group.

Disassociating a client with active joint liability group loans results in an error.

Mandatory Fields: clientMembers

Transfer Clients across groups:

This API allows to transfer clients from one group to another

Mandatory Fields: destinationGroupId and clients

Optional Fields: inheritDestinationGroupLoanOfficer (defaults to true) and transferActiveLoans (defaults to true)

Generate Collection Sheet:

This API retrieves repayment details of all jlg loans of all members of a group on a specified meeting date.

Mandatory Fields: calendarId and transactionDate

Save Collection Sheet:

This api allows the loan officer to perform bulk repayments of JLG loans for a group on its meeting date.

Mandatory Fields: calendarId, transactionDate, actualDisbursementDate

Optional Fields: clientsAttendance, bulkRepaymentTransaction, bulkDisbursementTransactions

Unassign a Staff:

Allows you to unassign the Staff.

Mandatory Fields: staffId

Assign a Staff:

Allows you to assign Staff to an existing Group.

The selected Staff should be belong to the same office (or an office higher up in the hierarchy) as this groupMandatory Fields: staffId

Optional Fields: inheritStaffForClientAccounts (Optional: Boolean if true all members of the group (i.e all clients with active loans and savings ) will inherit the staffId)

Close a Group:

This API exists to close a group. Groups can be closed if they don't have any non-closed clients/loans/savingsAccounts.

If the group has any active clients/loans/savingsAccount, this API will result in an error.Assign a Role:

Allows you to assign a Role to an existing member of a group.

We can define the different roles applicable to group members by adding code values to the pre-defined system code GROUPROLE. Example:Group leader etc.

Mandatory Fields: clientId, role

Unassign a Role:

Allows you to unassign Roles associated tp Group members.

Update a Role:

Allows you to update the member Role.

Mandatory Fields: role

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