Generic Options

Convenience Templates

There is a list of convenience resources (see Template menu option). These resources end with "/template" and can be useful when building maintenance user interface screens for client applications. The template data returned may consist of any or all of:

  • Field Defaults
  • Allowed Value Lists

Also, many "Retrieve a" type resources (Retrieve a Client for example) allow the parameter option "template=true". This appends any "Allowed Value Lists" which can be useful when building update functionality.

Restrict Returned Fields

Parameter "fields={fieldlist}" can be used on GET requests to restrict the fields returned.

Normal Request:


Request (restricting fields returned):


Pretty JSON Formatting

Parameter "pretty=true" can be used to display JSON from GET requests in an easy-to-read format. This parameter is used in this documentation.

Easy-to-read JSON output for POSTs, PUTs and DELETEs will available in the REST plugin you use e.g. RESTClient for FireFox

Normal Request (with pretty printing/formatting):